Block Life

We are Block Clothing Supply Co. Want to live the Block life?


Where did the name come from?
The name came from my high school classrooms at CCNZ. They were called the “Blocks” and in each block had up to 6 classrooms. There were Blocks 1-5 an English Block and a Trades Block.
I had classes in all these Blocks, and a lot of times when I was meant to be listening to the teacher, I will find myself drawing in my books or looking out the window day dreaming that one day i’m gonna have my own clothing label. A lot of my inspiration came from these classrooms. 
BLOCKCSCO. is a label apparel for the BLOCK Lifestyle e.g. the outdoor lifestyle (Surfing, Skating, Hiking etc.), street wear, casual wear, fitness wear etc.
At the moment BLOCKCSCO. is just a side hobby for me, I love to design and can’t wait to really create some mean BLOCK threads.
A BIG THANKS to all those who have supported the BLOCK movement thus far.